The story so far..

Depending on how well you know me, most of this will either be new information or well known. But here it goes.

As a part of Kristine’s post-doctor research she’s spending 4 months at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and seeing as she’s getting additional funds for bringing family, it was an easy decision to bring me along. She gets company, and I can work on my portofolio and do some networking. That was the formalities, now awesomeness ensues.    


Better then they look.

So we got here last thursday after a pretty nice trip. I’d recommend Iceland Air for anyone heading over to the US. It’s fairly cheap, reliable, sell decent food and have a TV in the back of every chair. And so it was, that two episodes of “How I met your mother”, one “City of Ember” and a “Minority Report” later we landed at Logan airport. The customs are hardly as intimidating as people make it out to be, a quick fingerprints-and-picture seanse landed us at the entry gate. Having been here before we knew our way around, ignored the shady guy fishing for rides at the gate and headed for the official taxi stop. Now, if I didn’t have you at the fingerprints, the taxi is really when you realize where you are. It’s like entering a police car with a back seat like a bunker. Designed to protect the driver from the passenger I’m sure, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking that you’re locked in a box.   



The first few days we stayed at Boston Marriott Cambridge, which is nice, central, and cheap, all things considering. Definently a place to stay if the thought of shoddy motels makes you shudder. Food is great, and there’s both a gym and a pool, if you are into that sort of thing. It also sits right on top of a Metro station, and it’s right next to MiT. Having booked a room for three nights we already had a few appointments set up for potential apartments.  While the two we viewed were both good, we settled for the one closest to the city center. And after a trip to the local mall my camera is working again, so no more stock photos!


Home is where the laptop is, and in this case, it's the lower left window.

Home is where the laptop is, and in this case, it's the lower left window of the brown building.

Now that we are getting settled in it’s time to start exploring the city. While Kristine is working at MIT, I’m left to my own faculties most of the day.

And this will be my journal.