Washington DC, triumph city of the western world

I really like Washington DC. It fulfills what I want in a modern city. The streets are wide, well lit, clean and completely void of people after dark, and yet I feel strangely safe in these open, deserted, empty areas. The buildings have a majestic look about them, and while there aren’t much police in the streets, I have the constant feeling of being watched. And I probably am. My first impression as we drove into Washington last night was simply; wow, Hitler couldn’t have made Berlin as good as this. This city is polished. It reeks of power and dominance like no other place I’ve ever been. This is the capital of a totalitarian police state, make no mistake. And I love it.

Downtown Washington.

Downtown Washington.

Now we’ve mostly been around Capitol Hill and the triangle of power, a showcase of American supremacy. The National Mall (a park, not a shopping mall) is surrounded by monuments rich on nationalistic symbolism, aligning with each other and telling the stories of wars fought and won. And you can’t help but marvel at the place. Not a skate board in sight, and no homeless people! Well, we did see one homeless guy, but luckily a police car pulled up and three men jumped out, chasing him down into the nearest metro station. Things were back to normal pretty quickly.

Capitol Hill.

The Capitol Building.

It has been a truly wonderful day. We took a guided walking tour of the monuments, dropped by a few museums, had burgers then took a stroll downtown before catching a movie at a random theatre. Tomorrow we’ll head towards Atlanta, expecting to get maybe half-way there depending on what we find on the way.