Suburbia now and then

Glenn had some interesting insights on Americans. He shared the common European view that Americans as a population are pretty stupid, and built on it by saying how these people serve in jury’s, attend protests and appear on TV which doesn’t do the country any favors. The average American can’t tell you who the last three presidents where, what the largest state is or which countries borders the US. Using their countrymen’s stupidity to their advantage, anyone with an agenda can voe large groups of people with the simple rhetoric of putting bad things under a banner and get people to wave that banner as high as possible. Case in point is the “evils of socialism”, an accepted truth most Americans will agree with even though they have no other concept of the term socialism other then the firm belief that they don’t like it. And so we talked the night away over white wine.



After an egg and toast breakfast we aimed our GPS for New Orleans then chose not to follow it and opted for a scenic route instead. While it’s been years since the Hurricane Katrina hit the coast line, the damages can still be seen today. Dead patches of forest, shells of empty buildings and dead areas are scattered alongside a once beautiful beach. The fact that it started raining didn’t help on our impression of the area at all. We ended up in New Orleans as planned, where we will be staying for three nights. Lets just hope our car survives the shady parking lot.

Hurricane Katrina four years later.



The Devil went down to Georgia

Checking out from the dingy Super 8 Motel we crashed at last night, we set our GPS for Knoxville and hit the road once again. Sadly, Knoxville was just one big building lot filled with holes and detours. A quick hit and run of downtown and we got back on the road, aiming for Atlanta and Glenn, a friend of our landlord from Boston. We’re still going in a pretty much straight line, getting down to New Orleans and Texas as soon as possible, giving us more time for a scenic route when we go back up.

Getting tired of music we found Maxim Radio and a talk show of a different caliber then the right wing republicans we dropped by the other day. Topics included plain crashes, the pussyfication of America (mobile elbow, the ban on “team x sucks” t-shirts, etc), and the gay guy who became prom queen at his high school prom. It’s talk radio of a GTA caliber, funny, fast paced, and without musical breaks. I wonder if we can get this kind of satellite radio in Norway, cause the channel selection is pretty decent. 

In the afternoon we got to Atlanta. Parked, took the metro downtown, looked around for an hour, then headed back to the car. The architecture here gives my dystopian visions of the future, something about the buildings and the way the streets are laid out which just gives me a bad vibe. Where Washington was grand and totalitarian, downtown Atlanta is bleak and grim, but not in the good way. Think 1984, only hot and sunny. 

I give you, Atlanta!

I give you, Atlanta!

Last we hooked up with Glenn, who owns a big house here and who’s an old business partner of Evan, the guy we rented our apartment from in Boston. He let us stay in his guest room, provided interesting conversation, food, snacks and Internet access. All in all a nice guy, too bad he doesn’t live closer to a more interesting city or we might have stayed for a few days.

Glen's place. Picture perfect.

Glenn's place. Picture perfect.

Time to get back on the road, next stop is New Orleans which I am really looking forward to. Just booked a hotel for three nights. Will be awesome.