Getting the hell into Dodge

After passing a thunderstorm on our way up from Roswell it caught up with us during the night and pounded our motel hard. Wind tearing in the walls, hard rain assaulted the roof.. and then it started dripping. I normally sleep like a rock, but water dripping on me from the ceiling at 3 in the morning is where I draw the line. Then again, we could have been in Dallas which just got hit by a flash flood. Dodged a bullet there, that’s for sure.

Luckily I was not around to take this picture.

Luckily, I was not around to take this picture.

Checking out from Days Inn and getting a 50% discount for our annoyance, we head into town for the Boot Hill museum; a recreation of the Dodge of the old west. After reading about the Indians and checking out the cemetery, we caught the noon gun fight on main street between locals and outlaws. Having been a fan of the Deadlands role-playing system for years, looking at weapons, clothes, pictures and tools as well as reading stories about life on the western frontier was totally cool. Made me want to dig out my old source books again.

Dodge city as it once was.

Dodge city as it once was, save the cool looking dude.

After half a day in Dodge we got back on the road and set sail for Kansas City. Supposedly the BBQ capital of the world, so we (and by we I mean I) wanted to get there in time for dinner. Well we did, and went for dinner at a place called Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue which came recommended by locals. Now I’m not a connesaur on BBQ by any means, but this was the best ribs I have had to date. Meat so tender I didn’t even need a knife to cut it as it simply let go of the bone. Having never had a taste for the sweet BBQ sauce, this definitely changed that.

Finally we went to a concert at The Riot Room, something of an alternative rock/punk scene where a local band had their album release party. Walking around the city feels alive and there are lots of people in the streets. Oddly enough, there seems to be several policemen at each corner, some places as many as five, simply standing there. As we get back to the hotell we ask the doorman about it, and as it turns out, there has been a huge problems with shooting as of late to the point where they close off roads and make pedestrian detours on Saturdays so people have to walk more thus be too tired to start trouble. Odd.. and here I thought Kansas City was such a nice, friendly little mid-sized friendly town.