Is so not in Kansas anymore

Interestingly, Kansas City is not actually in the state of Kansas. The city lies on top of a river which serves as the state line between Kansas and Missouri, a river which also has changed it’s course several times over the last few hundred years. How the bureaucracy work these things out you’ll have to ask somebody else, and I’m positive the issue is employing a fair share of paper pushers.

Liquid, unmarked salvage.

Liquid, unmarked salvage.

The Missouri river was a huge source of transportation in the late 1800, and an estimated 200  riverboats went down back in those days. This, combined with the fact that the river moved, meant that some of the sunken boats found themselves under farmlands. Some 20 years ago a group of five friends set out to dig up one of these riverboats. The result is the Steamboat Arabia museum, filled with merchandise from 1834 preserved for 150 years by the fresh water of the river.

Lots, lots and lots of salvage.

Lots, lots and lots of salvage.

After half a day in Kansas City we drove to St Louis, another mid-sized city I didn’t even know existed before we got there. Our first stop in St Louis was University City Loop where we had a burger at a place called Blueberry Hill. The street was an interesting mix of white punk rock guys, heavily tattooed girls and black homies. It’s getting a little less hot now that we have started moving back north, so a table outside was a perfect way to take in the feel of the area.

The Big Bang club.

The Big Bang club.

After walking around for a while we drove downtown and found a decent hotel to crash for the night. This being a Saturday we went for beers at Laclede’sLanding, dropping the sing-a-long piano bar The Big Bang. Dueling pianists is the concept, though this being a Saturday there was an abundance of bachelor/bachelorette parties out and about. Strangely enough, they were much more civilized then their Norwegian counterparts.


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