Cleveland fails at tourism

On our way from Chicago to Niagara Falls we stopped in Cleveland to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, where we ended up spending the afternoon. Pretty cool place, lots of history and memorabilia from the history of rock. Too bad it was a no-photography zone. Had some quotes from politicians that made me think of today’s attack on games, and the sad part is that it’s basically the same people saying the same things. Tipper Gore, I’m looking at you.

The second most interesing thing in Cleveland.

The second most interesing thing in Cleveland.

When the museum closed we went to find something to eat, which proved to be easier said then done. After walking in downtown for about 40 minutes, we found a Domino’s and a Sushi Bar. Everything else was closed, even the few stores we walked by. Obviously we must be in the wrong part of town, else this city has absolutely nothing to offer. Even so, the fact that there isn’t a single interesting thing in the vicinity of Cleveland’s main attraction is a simple case in point. Do not go to Cleveland.

Jacuzzi? Don't mind if I do!

Jacuzzi? Don't mind if I do!

So we headed for Niagara Falls and ate on a road side stop on the way. Got to Buffalo after dark, but the two hotels we found wanted more then we were willing to pay so we pressed on and ended up on a motel in Niagara Falls Boulevard. It was late and everything else was taken, and seeing a chance to fill up the clerk offered us a discount on their best room and we went for it.


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