Niagara fails

I don’t mind the validity if the pun is good. Niagara Falls was actually quite a view, though a lot more touristified that I imagined. Why these things still surprise me after weeks on the road I have no idea. A myriad of tour operatives offering their take on how to best view the waterfalls, which includes all the otherwise individually priced “attractions”.

The Horseshoe Falls.

The American Falls.

We opted for the easiest solution, feet, and took the walkway around the park looking at the different parts of the waterfall in our own pace. It’s just a waterfall, I won’t shell out the equivalent of an Xbox game just to see it from a fourth angle. The gray sky also removed some of the picturesqueness of it all, as did the hordes of people.

The American Falls.

More waterfalls, el natural.

Sadly, after having dodged the rain for 20 days, it finally caught up with us and added an additional layer of drizzle over the natural wetness of the waterfall. Not too bad though, and we still a good view of the much referenced waterfall. Interestingly, and somehow counter intuitive, if the fact that the water flows from USA to Canada, which seems strange to most people because Canada is north and thus further up on the map. Somehow the brain creates the idea that water flows down on the world map. In any case, this means that the waterfall does look more majestic from the other side, but border crossings being a hassle and me missing some papers after my passport got stolen,we kept on the American side. Will have to save Canada for later.

The closest we ever got to Canada.

The closest we ever got to Canada.

After walking around the Niagara Falls park for a while we got back on the road and followed Lake Ontario east as far as we could get, stopping on the way to get some grub before calling it a (for us) early night and checking into a motel in Watertown. Tomorrow we are driving through Adirondack Park, the largest protected area in the United States. With some luck the rain will pass us by and the sun will light up the land once again.


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