Ahh, the great outdoors

Leaving Niagara Falls behind we went east towards Boston, taking a scenic route through the Adirondack Park. We hit a bit of rain, and by a bit I mean the equivalent of a Bergen rain shower. The nature up here rivals that in Norway, making it both fabulous and trivial at the same time.

Much like Norway.

Much like Norway.

We passed a few small settlements before touching down for dinner at what’s probably a popular place in the ski season. Summer is to be considered off-season here in the green mountains. Afterwards we continued to Woodstock, Vermont; a small quiet, comfortable town where I wouldn’t mind spending more time. Compared to everywhere else we’ve been the motels here are all individually owned, and looks like nice places to stay. We went for The Shire Riverview Motel, which is just as cozy as it sounds. The plan is to head into Boston tomorrow morning and do some shopping on our last day in the US, but we might have to check out this little gem before we leave.


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