Our last day in The US of A.

After months in Boston and a few weeks on the road, our trip is coming to an end. Having gone full circle across the south east we are now back in Boston, and getting ourselves ready to go back home. It’s been an interesting year so far, and a lot of views to process. But that’s for another time.

Our last commercial residence.

Our last commercial residence.

For our last day we drove down from Woodstock which was only a few hours, then dropped by MIT to do some final goodbyes to the good people we had the pleasure of getting to know. Evan, our old landlord from Boston, had invited us to spend our last night in the US at his place, and we got to get to know them a little bit better. Very nice and interesting people. Had dinner, shot some pool, listened to a little music and talked about America. They have a house so awesome it almost makes me want to own a house over a city apartment. Almost.

Trying to fit everything into our suitcases.

Trying to fit everything into our suitcases.

Now we’re packing up our stuff and getting ready to do some last minute shopping before we’re off to the airport. A leather jacket, shirts and shoes are what I need, lets see if the monster outlet mall can provide.


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