So long, America

And so the road trip comes to an end. It’s been quite a ride, going 6000 miles through 22 states and get a feel for the Texas heat, the Kansas storms and the northern rain. Seeing how the gun laws change as we get further south, exemplified by mom and pop gun shops. The battle for our soul heats up as billboards asks us to “Smile, your mom chose life”, and come watch “Athena and her naughty sisters”.

Yes, that is a huge-ass cross in the horizon.

Yes, that is a huge-ass cross in the horizon.

We did have some company on the road though. Sirius satellite radio. You can definitely see where GTA got their inspiration, as the spacewaves here are filled with kooks and loonies on both sides of the fence. We settled for Maxim radio’s Covino and Rich show, which was fairly entertaining talk radio. Translation; no music and long discussions about nothing. We got our music fix from the 80, ies, 90ies and Alt Nation channels. Also, A Shoggoth on the Roof, the musical that shall not be preformed, got a few rounds as well. We got a CD version of the Lovecraftian musical as a parting gift from Phillip at Gambit, and it has everything one would expect from such a thing. Thanks Philip! Quality stuff all around.

Janet, Andrew and Evan.

Janet, Andrew and Evan.

As for yesterday, we said goodbye to the Moltzs and did some last minute shopping before getting on the evening plane. I like evening planes when going east across the timezones, because while the plane ride itself is uncomfortable, it makes the timezone transition very easy. One uncomfortable night on a plane and you’re almost adjusted to the new rhythm. As for the shopping, we got a few pair of shoes, some shirts, and I picked up a pair of sunglasses and a new leather jacket that I’m already in love with.

When we returned the car it did not look like that.

When we returned the car it did not look like that.

And now, after an actually rather short flight (5 hours 30 minutes from Boston to Reykjavik, 2 hours Reykjavik -> Bergen) we are finally back home! So much to see, so much to do. People we’ve missed, food we’ve missed! My mother was nice enough to pick us up at the airport, and ironic enough, the first thing that greet us as we walk into our apartment building is a grumpy neighbor whining because she thinks we’re the ones playing loud music in the bloc. Yup, we’re back in Norway alright.

So long, Boston.

So long, Boston.

In any case, time for a walk around town. After all, a trip isn’t complete until you’re back where you started.


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