Welcome home, Frankie boy!

And what a welcome it is! The weather in Bergen is simply awesome, meaning that this is the time to visit Bergen if you want a quick weekend away. Unlikely, so for my foreign friends I’ve added some pictures for reference. The city is warm, filled with people, the sun shines well into the evening, and.. wait, what? Evening?

Our most fearsome gazebo.

Our most fearsome gazebo.

Somehow coming home is something of a culture shock, strange as it sounds. The first thing you notice is that it stays light through the night. Sun goes down at around eleven and lingers just below the horizon all through the night. Odd, compared to the US where the sun goes down at nine leaving the area pitch black half an hour later.

Nothing like a trip along the pier.

Nothing like a trip along the pier.

And the people, and now I’m bashing my own countrymen a little, aren’t nearly as friendly as I’ve grown used to people being. Some might even call them impolite or rude, so when a tourist asks a simple question it’s not enough to say “I don’t know”, people feel the need to add a reason why it was a stupid question to begin with. Little things, you know. It’s a simple fact about the human condition that everybody have insecurities and want to be accepted one way or another. In the US the way people go about it is to be as friendly to people as they possibly can, hoping people will like them. The Norwegian way is to replace that smile with a scowl, in an attempt to chase away strangers who might otherwise judge them. That’s my impression anyway, feel free to disagree. I won’t judge you.. much.

Can't help but love Bergen this time of year.

Can't help but love Bergen this time of year.

My week so far has been busy busy busy, and the only evening I had time alone was when we went out shopping for a new TV. Ended up with a 46” bad boy, which fits our living room perfectly. Other then that I’ve been meeting up with old friends and hanging around, bringing an attitude-change back with me from the US. Having been on the road for weeks and away from home for months I have gained something of a momentum when it comes to trying new things and getting myself out of the house. It’s a good thing, and anyone can grab a hold and tag along for the ride. I don’t discriminate.

Our downtown is not like other downtowns.

A small mountain town.

As for this blog, it’s done it’s job. The plan was to leave it as a story of my trip, a kind of diary that I can look back at should I ever feel the urge. That is still the plan. However, blogging is kinda fun and I feel I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I need to find a new place to hang out though, WordPress is so-so when it comes to community from what I see. Also I need something to blog about, or maybe I’ll just take that as I go.

We also have parks. I love that bridge..

We also have parks. I love that bridge..

Thanks for following my trip, and I hope you had fun reading it.

Frank. Out.



  1. Eva Iselin said,

    June 26, 2009 at 04:10

    Thanks for this, Frank, I have really enjoyed your blog! Welcome home and see you soon!

  2. Vanessa said,

    June 26, 2009 at 05:12

    I hope you continue blogging, I think you are rather good at it. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels.

    And yay for big ass TVs!

  3. Kristine said,

    June 26, 2009 at 05:28

    Indeed. Frank will continue blogging. Or else there will be punishment. 😉

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